Aspect of the Monkey is the very first Aspect that a Hunter can learn. It increases the Hunter's dodge by 18%.


Aspect of the Monkey can be trained at any Hunter Trainer for 1 silver.

It can be learned at level 4.


Aspect of the Monkey is the first Aspect that a Hunter can learn, and should always be kept on until the Hunter finds better Aspects to use.

It can also be used when taming pets, as the additional dodge may be helpful to stay alive while you finish casting Tame Beast.

It is also useful when fighting in melee combat, which may arise in many PvP situations.

However, once the Hunter learns Aspect of the Dragonhawk, it is made obsolete as Aspect of the Dragonhawk combines Aspect of the Monkey with Aspect of the Hawk.

Affected by TalentsEdit

  • Improved Aspect of the Monkey - Increases the dodge granted by this aspect by 2% for each level in this talent.
  • Aspect Mastery - Reduces damage dealt to you by 5% when you are in this aspect.